Monday, March 9, 2009


Are the poker gods punishing me for changing to live play.

I'm down 9 buyins after 3 nights playing :(

But at least i'm not at uni anymore, so i'm happy.

Does anyone even read this blog anymore?


Saturday, March 7, 2009

I hads a dream

Random poker game: BTN minraises mai BB, I click it back with AA. BTN timebank folds KK and shows. What a soul read!!!

Also me and Gill have been talking about playing another 24 hour session. It will prolly go down between the 23rd-27th of March. Holla if you wanna join us. We'll poast moar updates when we know the date fo sho

Fun times

So my mates convinced me to play live poker for a change, because i never do due to insane bordom, which obv leads to spew.

So i play the £100NL game for 5 hours, and apart from the first hour which consisted of playing 100/0, i played really well. I finished down 700. Funny thing is, it's the most fun i've had playing live poker in a long time.

Got a job interview next week for a dealing job, wish me luck!

I have time to burn during the day now though, any ideas for a good day trip?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life Update and various TRs.

So this blog update has been a long time coming. And after months and months of gill pestering me to do an update here it is!


So I have officially graduated from school with a bachelors in engineering and am completely done! The last 2 years or so were a real struggle for me and I sorta crawled across the finish line, but I did manage to squeak by and get my degree :). Unfortunately the economy has gone to shit and I have yet to find a real job, but in the meantime I am still working at the local bar fulltime during the nights and I'm enjoying that. Although the money isn't very g00t. I pretty much stopped playing online poker the last few months, although in the past couple of weeks i have started playing a little bit once again. Also I will be moving out of my apartment at the end of this month or the next and moving into a house with 4 of my friends from highschool, so I'm sort of excited about that. It's a really nice house, and actually cheaper than the apartment I'm living in right now. Other than that not much is going on, I'll be going to BC to snowboard this weekend with the university snowboard club and also going to cancun in May. The rest of this blog is just going to be a short TR on my first 2 weeks of january, where I went on a road trip to Vegas and then lived at the school for a week after that and partied during 'engg week' (explained below). I didn't gamble in vegas, (except for a little bit of drunken craps) so if you're looking for poker content just skip this post.

Vegas TR

So I should really explain why I was going to Vegas in the first place. There's a non-academic tradition for engineering students at the university of calgary called engg week. It occurs during the 1st week of classes of the winter semester every year. Basically all 5 of the engineering departments (chem, mech, geo, civil, electrical) compete with each other in various events throughout the week (most events involve drinking). There is one judge chosen from each department, as well as a head judge and 1st/2nd year judge who organize all of these events. Anyways, I was chosen as the chem judge.

One event occurs the week before school and that is the roadtrip. Basically we go on a roadtrip a day before everyone else and send them messages about where to go and what to do. The location is a secret for them, but naturally we chose to go to vegas. So the 4 of us judges that went on the roadtrip were leading about 40 people who left the day after us. I'm just going to post some random pics I took on the roadtrip.

Shotgunning beers at every boarder crossing (there were 5). Arizona was iffy cuz there was a state trooper on the other side of the highway.

Our 1st night in vegas, one of the teams of people follwing us showed up early, but they weren't really with a deparement. Everyone else showed up the next day. Ended up going to the strippers that night...I spent a lot of money. (It's 100$ for 15 minutes in private room lol). Beers also cost like 15$ there and cover was 30$.

This is from the 2nd night in vegas, everyone else showed up this day. This is most of chemical engineering team. Their theme was sasquatch, taken off the kokenee beer comercials:
The ranger is missing in this photo taken.
On this night we went to dueling pianos in treasure island and racked up a $2k tab woohoo! I was mostly drinking these concauctions:

This pic is from the last day in vegas, we went up to the stratosphere, where they have amusement park rides on the top of the building. I was ready to shit my pants, as I don't like heights very much.

This blog is getting long so maybe I'll add some pics from the rest of engg week at a later point, which was probably twice the shit show that vegas was.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lol gillaments

So we played the live donkament last nite. Was a pretty good nite, I got pretty drunk imo iirc.

Gill won, I got 2nd, we'll poast moar details later. Gonna get drunk again pretty soon and head back to the casino

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sup guys

Alreet guys, Friday's here and Gill just arrived at my gaff. We're drinking Stella right now and soon heading out to toon to drink and gamboool.

Gill promises to out-do himself with crazy embaressing antics just for the purpose of having something to write about.

Look forward to a TR, i'm sure it'l be here before fitz's vegas one! But i found out he's not dead at least for all you canadian lovers, if you exist.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

So, what do you do?

Hey i'm Chris, nice to meet you.. so what do you do?

Oh your at uni, that's great... what do i do?

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.


Which sounds better, professional poker player or professional gambler. Comments please guys!

Also, if you are female, stop bringing out a bitchy friend who's just gonna end up cockblocking me!